A focus on the character mark antony in julius caesars the tragedy of julius caesar

Lucillius bears a message from Cassius and steps aside to speak to Brutus.

A focus on the character mark antony in julius caesars the tragedy of julius caesar

He was a major figure in the Second Catilinarian Conspiracy and was summarily executed on the orders of the Consul Cicero in 63 BC for his involvement. According to the historian Plutarchhe spent his teenage years wandering through Rome with his brothers and friends gambling, drinking, and becoming involved in scandalous love affairs.

Hoping to escape his creditors, Antony fled to Greece in 58 BC, where he studied philosophy and rhetoric at Athens.

The Greek historian Plutarch records it was Antony who convinced Gabinius to finally act. While Antony was serving Gabinius in the East, the domestic political situation had changed in Rome.

In 60 BC, a secret agreement known as the "First Triumvirate" was entered into between three men to control the Republic: Caesar used his governorship as a launching point for his conquest of free Gaul.

Rome was effectively under the absolute power of these three men. Sometime between 54 and 47 BC, the union produced a single daughter, Antonia Prima. Clodius, through the influence of his benefactor Marcus Licinius Crassushad developed a positive political relationship with Julius Caesar.

Serving under Caesar, Antony demonstrated excellent military leadership.

A focus on the character mark antony in julius caesars the tragedy of julius caesar

After a year of service in Gaul, Caesar dispatched Antony to Rome to formally begin his political careerreceiving election as Quaestor for 52 BC as a member of the Populares faction.

Following his year in office, Antony was promoted by Caesar to the rank of Legate and assigned command of two legions approximately 7, total soldiers. Without the stability they provided, the divide between Caesar and Pompey grew ever larger.

Anarchy resulted, causing the Senate to look to Pompey. Fearing the persecutions of Lucius Cornelius Sulla only thirty-years earlier, they avoided granting Pompey the dictatorship by instead naming him sole Consul for the year, giving him extraordinary but limited powers.

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With the support of Caesar, who as Pontifex Maximus was head of the Roman religion, Antony was appointed the College of Augursan important priestly office responsible for interpreting the will of the Roman gods by studying the flight of birds.

All public actions required favorable auspices, granting the college considerable influence. In this position, Antony could protect Caesar from his political enemies by vetoing any actions unfavorable to his patron. The feud between Caesar and Pompey erupted into open confrontation by early 49 BC.

Upon assuming office in January, Antony immediately summoned a meeting of the Senate to resolve the conflict: Antony then made a new proposal: Caesar would retain only two of his eight legions and the governorship of Illyrium if he was allowed to stand for the Consulship in absentia.

This arrangement ensured his immunity from suit would continue: Though Pompey found the concession satisfactory, Cato and Lentulus refused to back down, with Lentulus even expelling Antony from the Senate meeting by force.

Under the leadership of Cato and with the tacit support of Pompey, the Senate passed the "final decree" senatus consultum ultimum stripping Caesar of his command and ordering him to return to Rome and stand trial for war crimes.

The Senate further declared Caesar a traitor and a public enemy if he did not immediately disband his army. Three days later, on 10 January, Caesar crossed the Rubicon Riverstarting a civil war.

Works in which the character of Mark Antony plays a central role: William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra, and the films made from these two plays (played by Marlon Brando and Charlton Heston, respectively). Mark Antony as the Genius of Julius Caesar Mark Antony - the guy is a genius. He gives the most powerful and emotional speech ever conjured up by a human mind. He gets this powerful emotion from the pain of the loss of his friend, Julius Caesar. After reading Julius Caesar and selected nonfiction texts write essay that describes the rhetorical techniques Antony uses in his funeral speech and addresses the question. and addresses the question.

After entering Rome, instead of pursuing Pompey, Caesar marched to Spain to defeat Pompeian-loyalists there. In early 48 BC, he prepared to sail with seven legions to Greece to face Pompey. Additionally, the two legions they commanded defected to Pompey.

Without their fleet, Caesar lacked the necessary transport ships to cross into Greece with his seven legions. Instead, he sailed with only two and placed Antony in command of the remaining five at Brundisium with instructions to join him as soon as he was able.

The Battle of Pharsalus: Though an indecisive result, the victory was a tactical win for Pompey. Caesar would later remark the civil war would have ended that day if Pompey had only attacked him.

The chief cause of his political challenges concerned debt forgiveness. One of the Tribunes for 47 BC, Publius Cornelius Dolabellaa former general under Pompey, proposed a law which would have canceled all outstanding debts. Antony opposed the law for political and personal reasons: When Dolabella sought to enact the law by force and seized the Roman ForumAntony responded by unleashing his soldiers upon the assembled mass.

Caesar sought to mend relations with the populist leader; he was elected to a third term as Consul for 46 BC, but proposed the Senate should transfer the consulship to Dolabella.

When Antony protested, Caesar was forced to withdraw the motion out of shame. Later, Caesar sought to exercise his prerogatives as Dictator and directly proclaim Dolabella as Consul instead.In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, who is a true friend of Caesar, promises Caesar’s soul that he’d seek revenge against the conspirators for his brutal murder.

Shakespeare. Read an in-depth analysis of Julius Caesar. Antony - A friend of Caesar. Antony claims allegiance to Brutus and the conspirators after Caesar’s death in order to save his own life.

The Relationship Between Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. Filed Under: Term Papers Tagged In William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus is , be honorable? Brutus was a noble man in Rome and a good friend to the leader Caesar.

Antony is portrayed as a very loyal and trustworthy character. Caesar trusts him and holds him. Works in which the character of Mark Antony plays a central role: William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra, and the films made from these two plays (played by Marlon Brando and Charlton Heston, respectively).

Julius Caesar study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Classification of the Main Characters of William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar; Shakespeare's Presentation of the Character of Mark Antony in.

Comapring the Speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar The play 'Julius Caesar' reaches a peak of tension at the point of the two speeches, and so it would seem whichever speech was enjoyed more by the crowd would make the speaker the more popular.

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