An analysis of united nations reform

Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis The United Nations will mark its 70th anniversary when world leaders assemble next month at its headquarters in New York. But if the UN is to continue to fulfill its unique and vital global role in the twenty-first century, it must be upgraded in three key ways.

An analysis of united nations reform

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He was so far the only Secretary-General of the United Nations, who served in office one term only However, the chapters of the book demonstrate that the contentions and rationale behind policy-making in these institutions is often concealed from the world audience in the effort to reach specific finalities [ They call upon all states to take measures to put an end to violations of this right, and to establish independent national oversight mechanisms capable of ensuring transparency and accountability of State surveillance of communications, their interception and collection of personal data.

In addition they request the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to submit an interim report on the protection of the right to privacy.

Above all, reformers are advocating for more transparent and inclusive decision-making methods, notably through extended debates that would be open to non-Council members. Yet, as the continent remains marginalized from decision-making processes, African leaders have reiterated their call for a better representation during the last UN General Assembly.

But despite officially welcoming different reform initiatives, the P5 has always been reluctant to such expansion. Above all, the African Union itself has always remained deeply divided with regards to the designation of the two African representatives, as South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt remain the three front runners.

Yet, proposals for reform solely focus on an expansion and not a transformation of the existing system. The NAM was a creation of the Cold War era as an alternative to the two blocks, and observers have questioned the relevance of this institution over the past 20 years.

But will their voice be heard? However, as governments get increasingly web-savvy and attuned to the possibilities and threats the internet presents, how will the internet fare in the future?

The author also highlights the role played by language in international relations, with stories of governments lobbying to be included in a broader BRICS acronym. In addition, there has been an ongoing debate over NGO access to the new campus. Business Insider The US vs. In this article, Ramzy Baroud, editor of The Palestine Chronicle, criticizes the US-led campaign to reform the UN Human Rights Council, and urges the international community to focus instead on more genuine and urgent reforms.

It is telling how this US reform package focuses on every element of the UN except the Security Council, which is the focus of most of the debate surrounding UN reform. Deutsche Welle Facing 21st-Century Threats: Ros-Lehtinen has been highly critical of the UN in the past, and has threatened to reinstate the US practice of withholding financial support to force reforms.

Ros-Lehtinen in an attempt to head off a confrontation. Bloomberg Climate Change: The competition for limited funds has hampered UN agencies from taking collaborative action to assist countries in developing climate change programmes.

Country Director of the World Food Program in Uganda, Stanlake Samkange, says that proposals for a UN Multi-donor Fund for climate change must be approved urgently in order for funding problems to be resolved.

General Analysis on UN Reform

Uganda and Ethiopia are the only two countries where the UN works with the government to address the impact of climate change.

In a 50 page memo to Secretary General Ban Ki Moon she attacks his leadership and actions - specifically accusing him of undermining the independence of her office and leaving vacancies unfilled and blocking appointments.

She also holds him responsible for making the UN increasingly irrelevant and failing to ensure transparency and accountability within the structure. The attack is highly personal in nature and some of Ban's top advisers call it "unbalanced" and "patently unfair" Washington Post After 65 Years, a UN Agency for Women July 6, A General Assembly resolution passed on July 2 has led to the creation of a new agency dedicated to women.

The agency, called UN Women, is part of a greater UN reform agenda of system wide coherence and will replace the work of four existing programs and funds. A separate agency for women suggests a distancing from the "gender mainstreaming" approach at the UN which has still left women and girls lagging behind in development target areas and sidelined from important initiatives.

However, the field operations of UN Women are to be funding by voluntary contributions rather than from regular budgets which makes its impact completely dependent on voluntary funding from member states. While such forums lack the scope, legitimacy and the vast institutional and human resources of the UN, they are shaping up to be important in the field of global governance.

This trend highlights the acute and urgent need for institutional reform within the UN to ensure its continued role as the primary organ of international diplomacy and governance.

The Significance of a Footprint April 21, 1. This article argues that the UN's efforts in reducing its own carbon footprint - as seen through the current Capital Master Plan - would serve as a valuable blue-print for governments and multi-nationals to minimize their own emissions as part of the common effort to achieve a "low carbon, resource efficient, 21st century green economy.

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the UN's gender architecture reform process, and it highlights notable gaps between portrayed commitments and actual efforts of various stakeholders on the issue of gender equality. Sarkozy expressed his frustrations on the default practice of UN negotiations, as he argues that the need for "consensus and simultaneous negotiation" among member states are factors which delay and hinder international action.

Such dynamics, according to Sarkozy, contributed to unsuccessful climate change negotiations in Copenhagen. Tamko revealed that several G77 countries even regard gender architecture discussions as a "bargaining chip to advance their still undisclosed agendas.

He argued that restoration of the UN's role requires improved Secretary General selection procedures and greater accord between the Security Council and the General Assembly. President Treki highlighted various issues which impede efforts to amend the UN charter, and he also expressed concerns regarding the non-binding nature of UN resolutions.

The Swiss ambassador considered the UN's response to global warming as hampered by insufficient technological and scientific expertise within the system. A similar view is held by Harvard professor Claude Bruderlein, who described the UN as "a decade late into the use of information technology, as well as understanding the importance of decentralization.

The UN's current capacity to respond to women's needs has failed to meet country demands for support and expertise. A composite unit can assist the UN in addressing gender inequalities worldwide more effectively. President Bouteflika highlighted the need to reinforce the Economic and Social Council and revitalize the General Assembly.The United Nations Security Council Reform: A Critical Approach Ended Working Group as a group to particularly deal with the question of reform.

An analysis of united nations reform

The analysis suggests that the current debates in the United Nations concerning the reform of the. In November , over 75 experts gathered in New York and Washington to discuss “United Nations Reform: Improving Peace Operations by Advancing the Role of Women.” Convened by the Stanley Foundation and Women in International Security (WIIS), practitioners and policymakers from various United Nations agencies, national governments and militaries, academia, and civil society groups.

title = "United nations security council reform: A critical analysis of englargement options", abstract = "The authors of the present study share the view that the Security Council is long over due for reform.

By Rajeesh Kumar. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) debated Security Council (SC) reform on November 7, Reports note that many states favoured India’s candidature for permanent.

This is how the United States engages with, to reform, the United Nations. *Matthew Parish is an international lawyer based in Geneva, Switzerland and a former UN peacekeeper.

He has published two. Aug 20,  · The United Nations will mark its 70th anniversary when world leaders assemble next month at its headquarters in New York. Though there will be plenty of fanfare, it will inadequately reflect the UN’s value, not only as the most important political innovation of the twentieth century, but also as the best bargain on the planet.

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