Difficulties of discovering the relevance of life in walt whitmans crossing brooklyn ferry

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The poem explores the difficulties of discovering the relevance of life. The methods that helped Whitman grasp his own idea of the importance of life are defined with some simple yet insightful and convincing observations.

By living under and for the standards of others, a person can never live a fulfilling life. Distinguishing oneself from the mobs of society can be next to impossible when every other human is competing for the same recognition with their own similar accomplishments.

The suggestion that Whitman offers as a means of becoming distinguished, or obtaining an identity, is to live a life of self-satisfaction. Whitman leaves the apprehension that the distinguishing characteristics are few.

Whitman informs the audience that he has lead the same life as they, who lead the same life as their children will and their ancestors did. Sunrises, sunsets, tides, seasons, circling birds, the daily New York commute on the Brooklyn Ferry, and the cycling of generations are woven into the poem.

A substantial amount of stanzas in the poem all begin with the same word.

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The continuous use of repetitive imagery conveys the feeling that our existence is in fact part of an infinitely moving machine that has no purpose or destination. By using these devices, Whitman shakes his audience with the convincing notion that life as it is normally perceived is not important.

To assist these devices, lines that bring sudden tension into the poem further disturb the preconceptions of the audience: The evil traits of guile, anger, lust, greed, cowardice, and hate that he, like all people, possess.

These evils cause him to live a solitary existence where he did not interact with even the things that he loved. The things that gave him pleasure were in fact the sensory pleasures.

What he saw in the world, the voices and sounds of the people, the accomplishments that he felt, and memories that he made were his justifications for living. Living his life to the fullest and cherishing the things that he did for himself gave him an identity.

There is a key difference between living a meaningless life and a leading a rewarding life with a purpose. In the first case, the goal in life is to work hard to be accepted by the standards of others. As a result, a life will most likely wasted on work that gives no meaning or reward to the person.

In the second case, a person can live for their own standards and behave in a way that is enjoyable to themselves. About my body for me, and your body for you.

Difficulties of discovering the relevance of life in walt whitmans crossing brooklyn ferry

The interiority as Whitman describes, guarantees that an individual can find meaning in life without comparing themselves against others and bringing out the evil and deceitful qualities of humans.

The final two lines of the poem set his conclusion regarding the importance of interiority its results on the world. You furnish your parts toward eternity, Great or small, you furnish your parts toward the soul.

In “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” the story follows the narrator’s experience with life as he takes a beautiful ferry ride - An Analysis of “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” and “Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking” introduction. The man talks about the . Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Crossing Brooklyn Ferry is considered one of the greatest lyrical poems of all time. In Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, Walt Whitman uses connotative diction, prying questions, and critical reader engagement to convey a feeling of connection and unity of people through time. Binns's A Life of Walt Whitman has been authoritatively described by Gay Wilson Allen as "one of the most reliable accounts of Walt Whitman's life." 1 It brought together on the fiftieth anniversary of the first publication of Leaves of Grass most of the known facts about the poet's life in a lively, readable narrative that links Whitman's life.

Whitman himself ignored the social standards of his day and by doing what fulfilled his personal goals, he established his own eternal identity as one of the greatest American poets.In the flesh!

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Difficulties of discovering the relevance of life in walt whitmans crossing brooklyn ferry

Virginia. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: One And The Same Walt Whitman asks himself and the reader of the poem, "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry," what significance a person's life .

Geffen, Arthur. "Silence and Denial: Walt Whitman and the Brooklyn Bridge." Walt Whitman Quarterly Review (): 1– Miller, Edwin Haviland. Walt Whitman's Poetry: A Psychological Journey. New York: New York UP, Miller, James E., Jr. A Critical Guide to "Leaves of Grass." Chicago: U of Chicago P, Orlov, Paul A.

"On . Hardly any poet has revised his original texts more than Whitman has. And it can be perceived that all his revision has the effect of making his lines conform to his versenorm.

"Flood-tide of the river, flow on! I watch you face to face," is the opening he once had for Crossing Brooklyn Ferry. "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" is a poem about a man taking the Brooklyn ferry home from Manhattan at the end of a working day. It is one of Walt Whitman ’s best-known and best-loved poems because it so astutely and insightfully argues for Whitman's idea that all humans are united in their common experience of life.

The Walt Whitman Archive. Continuing the discussion of "Song of Myself" while drawing additional evidence from such works as "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry," I argue that by imagining a universe that is both material and infinitely expanding, Whitman constructs a cosmological warrant for democratic freedom.

Indeed, our continued life as a.

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