Effects of texting foreign literature

To which the proper response is LOL. First, some historical perspective. Writing was only invented 5, years ago, whereas language probably traces back at least 80, years. Thus talking came first; writing is just an artifice that came along later.

Effects of texting foreign literature

Modern Scourge or Opportunity? It is stated that texting refers to the use of abbreviations and other techniques to craft SMS and instant message.

It is all about messaging, the favourite hobby of the youth today, because of its affordability, it is cheap and easy to use. In texting, colloquialism is widely used; they often make up words, used shorthand method of texting and grammatical errors just too quickly and shorten the message to compose a text message.

Effects of texting foreign literature

They use a shortcut, such as w8 instead of wait, or an initial like LOL for laugh out loud and the very common is the Effects of texting foreign literature of letters, such as the word c-u-d instead of could. In fact, its influence can be seen on their performances like the corruption of language and the degradation in the spelling of the youth.

In general, continuous evolution of language in texting has been threatening the ability of the students to use words appropriately. Nowadays, texting created many issues in language and spelling proficiencies of the students, despite of the popularity; it is also responsible for the deterioration on the spelling skills among the students.

By looking at these problems, we will know how much texting greatly affect the spelling proficiency of the students of Aemilianum College First Year High School.

The researcher wanted to find out a better solution to improve the spelling skills of the students. This study wants to verify if texting would result in students decline in spelling skills. What are the effects of text messaging in their spelling?

Can text message abbreviations be interpreted differently? What is the performance of the student-respondents in spelling? There are effects texting in their spelling.


There is considerable variable in the interpretation of abbreviations typically used in text messaging. There is profile of student-respondent. Scope and Delimitation The study focuses on the impact of texting on spelling proficiency among the First Year High School students of the Aemilianum College.

The respondents of this are the students and the teacher. Significance of the Study To get a better idea of the impact of texting on students, a survey will be conducted in Aemilianum College.

The findings will lead to enhance the spelling proficiency of the students. This study is significant to the following: The findings of the study will be able for them to improve their spelling skills. This study can give them knowledge on how to help the students.

The result of the study can serve as a guide or reference to future researchers of similar profession. Operational and Conceptual To achieve clarity and understanding in the discussion of the study, the following are defined operationally: Bemoaned — To express disapproval of or regret.

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Cell phone — A device that can make and receive calls and text. Colloquialism — An informal expression that is more often used in casual conversation than in formal speech or writing. Deterioration — The act or process of declining the quality, value or character.Mar 31,  · Nearly all studies on the effects of textese focused on children’s literacy development and hardly any attention has been paid to the effects of textese on children’s language development.

Specifically grammatical development is interesting in this respect because, as mentioned by Kemp and colleagues [ 2 ], grammar rules of conventional . articles, looking to find some of the effects that the modern day texting phenomenon is causing.

We examine the impacts that texting is making on our language and writing skills, the impacts on teenagers and their social lives, and the dangers of texting and driving. Foreign Related Literature Andy Bloxham found out that many teachers are unhappy to the increasing number of children who are using test messaging or social networking sites in place of studying.1 Obsession with social media could lead in shaping their attitudes, obsession has a direct impact on students future affecting their grades and unable.

Until the time that concrete results are acquired to suggest that texting has deleterious effects, it may be wise to encourage students to lessen their use of textisms, and to instead use proper grammar and spelling while they are . the impact of texting on students spelling skills. .1 According to Steve Vosloo in his study about the effects of texting literacy: Modern Scourge or Opportunity?

More about the impact of texting on students spelling skills. The Effect of Texting in Writing Skills of the Students Words | 26 Pages;. Text Messaging- Text messaging, or texting, is the act of composing and sending a brief, electronic message between two or more mobile phones, or fixed or portable devices over a phone network.

The term originally referred to messages sent using the Short Message Service (SMS)/5(11).

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