Essay on war and peace by leo tolstoy

The structure of the novel indicates that Tolstoy was not concerned with plot, setting, or even individual people, as such; rather, his purpose was to show that the continuity of life in history is eternal. Each human life has its influence on history, and the developments of youth and age, and war and peace, are so interrelated that in the simplest patterns of social behavior vast implications are recognizable.

Essay on war and peace by leo tolstoy

Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. The Irrationality of Human Motives Although a large portion of War and Peace focuses on war, which is associated in our minds with clear-headed strategy and sensible reasoning, Tolstoy constantly emphasizes the irrational motives for human behavior in both peace and war.

Wisdom is linked not to reason but to an acceptance of how mysterious our actions can be, even to ourselves. General Kutuzov emerges as a great leader not because he develops a logical plan and then demands that everyone follow it, but rather because he is willing to adapt to the flow of events and think on his feet.

He revises his plan as each stage turns out to be vastly different from what was expected. Yet almost all the irrational actions we see in the novel turn out successfully, in accordance with instincts in human life that, for Tolstoy, lie far deeper than our reasoning minds.

The Search for the Meaning of Life Several characters in War and Peace experience sudden revelations about the absurdity of existence. Andrew, for instance, has a near-death experience at Austerlitz that shows him a glimpse of the truth behind the falsity of earthly life.

While Andrew needs a brush with death to bring about this spiritual vision, Pierre spends most of the novel wondering why his life is so empty and artificial. Tolstoy, however, shows the inadequacies of this approach, as Pierre grows bored with the Masons and dissatisfied with their passivity.

The Limits of Leadership Tolstoy explores characters on both the highest and lowest rungs of the social ladder in War and Peace, giving us realistic portraits of peasants and tsars, servants and emperors. In this regard, Tolstoy gives us a no-nonsense, democratic evaluation of princes, generals, and other supposed leaders—and the result is not very flattering.

Our view of Napoleon is even worse: Even emperors, though they may imagine they rule the world, are caught in these chains of circumstance.Then novel War and Peace was written by a famous Russian author Leo Tolstoy in The novel describes the war with Napoleon in which many countries were involved such as Russia, Austrian, Prussia, Spain, Sweden, and Britain.

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Essay on war and peace by leo tolstoy

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An excerpt from Calamba – In War and Peace by Demetrio L. Hilberio tells us of the legend of the name of Calamba. This legend is inscribed on a stone marker that can found at the base of the. Essay on “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy is a Russian author whose well-known classic novels include “War and Peace”, “Anna Karenina”.

His major work, “War and Peace”, appeared between the years and The Importance of Sonya in War and Peace Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace speculates deeply about history, religious life and human brotherhood.

Most readers focus on the characters of Natasha, Prince Andrew, and Pierre. In War and Peace there are no two ways about it: war is a brutal, savage, animalistic thing that goes against human reason. Tolstoy is horrified by the idea that the disagreements of a few people i.

Essay on war and peace by leo tolstoy
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