How to write a division problem as a fraction

This process is the opposite of multiplication. The traditional way to write division problems is with a division bracket. Another method of writing division calculations is to use fractions.

How to write a division problem as a fraction

Motivation Problems Consider the following two basic problems. How many quarters should you bring back? Dad told you to give the chickens four pails of feed. You are only strong enough to carry half a pail at a time. How many trips do you need to make?

You would probably solve both problems in a similar manner.

how to write a division problem as a fraction

You would probably solve the first problem by considering that there are four quarters in a dollar. For the second problem, you would probably consider that there are two halves in each pail so that two trips are needed for one pail.

Fraction Division

We model the two problems below and write the problem in both the division and multiplication forms. We use a fraction strip to represent one dollar.


You would bring twenty quarters back. Again, use a fraction strip to represent one pail. You would need to make eight trips. Note that both of these basic problems motivate the common rule for division of fractions, "invert the divisor and multiply by the reciprocal".

Though most of us solve basic problems like the above two without thinking that we are dividing fractions, we need to understand the connection to division of fractions so that we will be able to solve more complex problems.

You need to lay tile to create a frieze above a doorway. The tile measures inches by inches. If the doorway is inches wide, how many pieces of tile are needed? Write a mathematic expression for this problem. Solution Model for Division of Fractions Remember the missing-factor definition for division: Also remember that division answers questions like "how many groups of 3 items can be made out of 12 items?

The same relationship defines division of fractions, e. To see what happens, we solve this problem using a model first. This division problem answers the question "how many groups of can be made out of? Since we start withwe need to shade 2 of the pieces to represent this amount.

Next we need to determine how many groups of can be formed from the shaded region. Notice that we can make the whole into six equal pieces in this picture, Hence, the whole is in sixths. The shaded region contains 4 of these sixths.Fractions Problem Solving.

Problem Solving

Students are challenged to solve these problems by drawing pictures rather than using traditional fraction algorithms. Number & Operations (All Grade Bands) Virtual manipulatives for Number & Operations..

Number & Operations (Grades Pre-K - 2). Division problems - set up the long division yourself. In these worksheets, the student has to set up the long division himself (the division problem is written horizontally at the top of the workspace).

This problem is a combination of division and multiplication of fractions First, find out how many fifths (1/5) are there in 5. This is a division of fractions problem. In one case—thinking about 22/7 as a fraction—we put down 22 short 1/7 of a meter long stick, and in the other case—thinking about the problem as 22 divided by 7—we divided up one big 22 meter long stick into 7 equally sized parts.

This online calculator will find the partial fraction decomposition of the rational function, with steps shown.

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