Love is like a roller coaster

Take a look at these helpful websites and organizations A sentence of the struggles of my mind can be summed up in this quote by Kiera Van Gelder: I find unexamined pieces of myself and replicate elaborate stories in my head as to why I am the way I am and all the internal self-analysis creates so much more harm than good. But, then there may be times where things are the exact opposite. When dissociation takes over, I feel isolated from my own feelings, my voice is lost and I cannot help myself help others understand.

Love is like a roller coaster

I realized how much falling in love felt like riding a roller coaster, or is it just my futile attempt at dramatizing myself again. There were all sorts of crazy stuffs in the park but I was too chicken to try out any of those crazy games.

After spending an hour and a half doing nothing while my ex and his bands of brothers tried every single games he laid his eyes onI decided to give the roller coaster a try.

So, how does a roller coaster ride compares to falling in LOVE?

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You hear many stories about the roller coaster. Some so great they describe it as an experience of a lifetime, these people made it alive and went on to have more rides in the future. Some tell stories of how dangerous these rides can be, some losing their life while others become so traumatic it leaves them scarred for the rest of their lives.

Remember the first time you heard about falling in LOVE from a friend? Remember how much you yearned to be LOVED by another man, how much you giggled and gushed when your friend tells you about his first kiss, how great the sex felt?

Some vowed never to fall in love but in the process lost that one chance to have an experince of a lifetime. You got in line, the queue is long and frustrating but that excitement and thrill bubbling in your chest makes you wait patiently for your turn.

The nearer you get to the front of the line, your heart pounded faster, the adrenaline coursing through your veins makes you all light-headed and excited. Remember the first glimpse of hope you felt, searching for the right guy to fall in love with?

Love is like a roller coaster

Remember that long and frustrating wait, that endless date you go through, the countless sex that hurt more than please? The safety restraints come down and the ride of your life is about to start.

Love is like a roller coaster

This is the moment of truth. Remember the first time you met the man of your dreams? You had your doubts but LOVE blinds all mortal eyes, you chose to ignore all warnings, leave precautions to the wind and trust that often, faulty instinct and plunge right into that LOVE, right in front of you.

The roller coaster moved slowly, climbing the railings, reaching the peak and pausing before it makes its first plunge into the deep abyss. Your excitement escalates but soon turns to fear, fear for your life and you closed your eyes.

When it finally makes that plunge, you feel all queasy like your insides are coming out from your mouth but then, it felt fine, it was fun and you yearned for more. Remember that feeling when you confessed your love to your BF?

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Your brain gets confused it goes into complete shutdown and LOVE takes over your body. After a few months, that heat you felt starts getting colder, you brain starts working and you see things staright, you start looking for every single faults, finding every reason why that guy is no longer as perfect, you feel trapped not able to get off the ride, bored and miserable.

The monotony of the relationship, the monogamy you find unflattering. You want it to end. The roller coaster starts slowing down, it made its final round. Remember your first break up?Recognize that the first climb in a relationship or roller coaster is the most difficult – winning the attention and heart of another is seldom as easy as we would like.

A woman with "quiet" BPD shares why it's like being on a roller coaster.

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Love is like a roller coaster, it has ups and downs but getting to the ups is worth staying through the downs. Ah, the roller-coaster relationship. You know exactly what I am talking about. You have either seen one or have experienced it first hand.

They are over the top relationships that are in blissful ecstasy one moment, and plummeting to the depths of dysfunction the next. Love Rollercoaster Lyrics: Roller coaster of Love / "Say What" / RollerCoaster / "Hah huh" / Ooh ooh ooh / Roller coaster "Right" of Love / Roller coaster / .

Love is a Roller Coaster In our lifetime, one is likely to ride a roller coaster at least once. We also may experience the feeling of love with someone we consider special. Both, being in love and riding a roller coaster, will cause a person to feel different emotions, some sad and some joyful.

Recognize that the first climb in a relationship or roller coaster is the most difficult – winning the attention and heart of another is seldom as easy as we would like. Oct 28,  · LOVE is like a ROLLER COASTER I got on a roller coaster for the first time when I went to Genting Highlands with my ex-BF. There were all sorts of crazy stuffs in the park but I was too chicken to try out any of those crazy games. Luke Bryan's 'Roller Coaster' video is truly a fun ride.. The clip shows a young couple falling in love on the beach while they ride bicycles on the pier, snuggle by the beach bonfire, walk under.
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