Math116 appendix e

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Math116 appendix e

Hire Writer What element does the domain represent, what does the range represent? The price of regular unleaded gasoline in 2. Use the coordinates1.


Describe how you arrived at your answer — Show your steps. State the Slope Formula. Note that it uses the coordinates of two points of the functions. These points can be found in this given information. B What x-value represents the year ? C What is the slope or rate of change of this.

What form is this equation in and what do the constants represent? D What is the y-intercept? E What does the y-intercept represent specific to The y represents the price the gas goes up.

The y-intercept is where the line crosses the y axis. What is the x coordinate of this point?

Math116 appendix e

What does this point mean in this situation? F Assuming this growth trend continues, what will. Substitute the appropriate input value, show steps in solving for y.

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A Do you expect the lines to be intersecting, intersecting. How can you tell by looking at the equations whether the lines would intersect or not? B Use the equations of the lines to determine if?

What did you find? What do you know about parallel lines? What is given in the equations of two lines that you can compare? Clearly identify this element and state your conclusion.

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