Modern technology applications

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Modern technology applications

The Dynamic Substitution of Harm Mud Bricks Substitution of brick that have been harmed and erosion part after one more of the wall 60 cm cm as indicated according to the case of the wall and replaces by utilizing dimpling strategy and the presentation of another mud brick with the same construction specification details with the utilization of the new mud mortar processor.

Unwinding and Reconstruction of the Walls The Modern technology applications toward loosening up the wall precisely cautioned through and through hand keeping the old bricks to re-use it again when re-construction, if true blue for use joined with the neighboring walls to hinder break down.

Adjusting the same old style amid the time of construction brick and a halfdependent upon the courses of a mud brick wall to watch the direction of compaction templates and get on the right ligament. Unwinding and Reconstruction of the walls. Treatment of Cracks Scientific and practical method to connect the cracks.

Clean the split of free soil and Insect homes.

Modern technology applications

Digging a rectangular cross with the break and fit with the size and length of the break After deciding utilizing Ultra sonic Plus Velocity. Then, Spray the gap with fluid mud mortar and put a bit of acacia Modern technology applications rectangular in this gap and fill in the spaces with bricks and mud mortar processor.

Plastering Earth Walls Blend the clay with a suitable amount of water. Afterward, left to mature and add the mixture mud to measure of water and unpredictable well into fluid mortar.

Mortar put on the walls and splashed with water and settles well.


Restoration of Roofs Cleaning of old wood and supplant the harmed ones and Installation the palm stem on the walls legitimately, Put palm fronds on the palms tem crossly with the utilization of sinewy strings to weave.

A layer of palm leaves is set on the roof top and spread with a layer of mud mortar and brick. Restoration of the House Floor Materials Fig. The improvement of the properties of the mud mortar utilized as a part of flooring is made utilizing a dilute solution of SBR 65 with no adjustment in their properties or their shading.

Results We can say that this research is a new revelation in the field of waterproofing of earthen architecture, away from traditional solutions such as total coverage based archaeologist and that are difficult to apply as they change shape archaeologist.

Also because in this way we can produce mud bricks anti-water, used in modern houses, enjoy with the advantages of mud brick houses in terms of the lack of financial cost and low temperature in the inner perimeter of the house.

Mud brick in Dakhla oasis contains the highest rate of quartz sand as essential component in the mud layers. Rate of lime and the nearness of mineral calcite and the nearness of the extent of iron oxides hematite as shading decide the shade of putting It likewise contains a high rate of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate, while the main clay minerals in old mud brick is illite.

Now, earthen architecture in areas with colder climates, may play the dominant role it already plays in warmer regions by using high standards of Waterproofing without any change in properties or color according to the previously mentioned studies as far as being: Waterproofing does not close the pores.

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To demonstrate the best results in infiltration, it doesn't bring about the formation of a different layer at first glance, or change the shade of mud and increases the mechanical strength of the mud mortar and resistance to heat and UV.

There is no chemical reaction between the polymer and the clay particles. In addition, keep mud mortar treated with all the mud mortar untreated from the physical and synthetic properties aside from not disintegrate in water and does not collapse permanently while allowing the normal for the movement of water vapor.

Discussion We did not find any previously published study using previous ingredients to improve the properties of mud mortar and insulation mud bricks in Dakhla against rain water, so we cannot compare our results with previous works.

Accessibility of materials utilized locally likewise the Watery silicon composite, as indicated by the rates previously mentioned studies is inexpensive particularly when contrasted with the artistic and historical value of cultural heritage.

On account of kidney application, secured just rooftops with the establishment of Gutters and the most elevated walls in the level heading the highest points of the walls non - secured rooftopadditionally emerge mortar layer by 2: Conclusions We want to warn the researchers that results of chemical and physical properties of mud brick in Dakhla Oasis is not applying it to other archaeological sites, as regards isolating the old buildings of mud-brick.

This scientific study can be used as evidence in isolation of mud-brick after studying the physical and chemical characteristics of the mud-bricks, in accordance with the priorities identified in each building without any changes in properties or color. Acknowledgments We want to thank the protectors of civilization in the Dakhla Oasis.

A Tribute to these men who are working in silence. Fred Leemhuis, field director QDP. Energy Procedia, Volume 6,p. Available on line at www.

Modern technology applications

Mansour bin Abdul Aziz, mud architecture in the Arab and Western the country's construction methods of the prevailing themes of the proposed development, the Department of Architecture and Building Sciences, College of Architecture and Planning, King Saud University, Riyadh, p D, A comparative analysis in damage, treatment and maintenance of the ancient buildings, multi building materials, Department of restoration, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University,p.Technology can be viewed as an activity that forms or changes culture.

Additionally, technology is the application of math, science, and . Architect Modern Web Applications with Core and Azure.


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Author information: (1)Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Food Science, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas ; email: [email protected] This review provides an update on the use of supercritical fluid (SCF) technology as applied to food-based materials.

It advocates the use. Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.

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