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Rencontre chretienne catholique

Click on the following link for more on the Seal of Simon de Montfort. The death of Simon de Montfort at Toulouse in The last two lines are a quotation from the Song of the Cathar Warslaissecited above: Simon was roundly hated in the Languedoc for his cruelty and ambition.

Here is a description of his death from the contemporary Song of the Cathar Warslaissewritten in Occitan: There was in the town a mangonel built by our carpenters And dragged with its platform from St Sernin. It was operated by noblewomen, by little girls and men's wives, And now a stone hit just where it was needed Striking Count Simon on his steel helmet Shattering his eyes, brains, and back teeth, And splintering his forehead and jaw.

Bleeding and black, the Count dropped dead on the ground. Simon de Montfort left few friends in the lands he pillaged and tried to rule.

He continues to be hated to this day. The consensus is that the writer of the Song of the Cathar Wars had it about right [laisse ].

And I have heard it said that this must be so - If by killing men and spilling blood, By wasting souls, and preaching murder, By following evil counsels, and raising fires, By ruining noblemen and besmirching paratge, By pillaging the country, and by exalting Pride, By stoking up wickedness and stifling good, By massacring women and their infants, A man can win Jesus in this world, then Simon surely wears a crown, resplendent in heaven.

Amaury de Montfort accompanied his father Simon and mother Alix de Montmorency on the Crusade against the gathers.

Rencontre chretienne catholique

He was just a boy at the beginning of the war, but was 18 and ready to become a knight by His knighthood was notable as it marked an important transition. Making a knight had been a rough-and-ready secular ceremony, but Simon turned the ceremony into a religious one, performed during a mass at the alter, and referring to passages in the Old Testament where God requires the first born to be dedicated to him.

From now on knighthood would have a more distinctive Christian character. The following account comes from the Historia: In the year of the Incarnation of the Wordthe noble Count of Montfort and numerous of his barons and knights gathered together at Castelnaudary on the feast of the nativity of John the Baptist [24 June].

The Count was accompanied by the two venerable bishops [of Auxerre and Orleans] and some crusader knights. Our most Christian Count wished the Bishop of Orleans to appoint his son a knight of Christ and personally hand him the belt of knighthood. The bishop for some time resisted this request but was at length vanquished by the prayers of the Count and our people, and yielded to their request.

As it was summertime and Castelnaudary was too small to hold the huge crowd in attendance not least because it had previously been destroyed once or even twice the Count had a number of pavilions erected on a pleasant level place nearby.

Everyone, knights as well as clergy, gathered to hear the mass.La vie de l' Église en direct, la vie de prière au jour le jour et les voyages du pape François.

Lettre apostolique en forme de MOTU PROPRIO pour l’approbation et la publication du Compendium du Catéchisme de l’Église catholique. Il y a vingt ans, débutait l’élaboration du Catéchisme de l’Église catholique, demandé par l’Assemblée extraordinaire du Synode des Évêques, à l’occasion du vingtième anniversaire de la .

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