The brighter side of learning disabilities

Steve Fuller and Emilie Whitaker Received: However, those negative consequences are merely one side of the existential coin. In considering the other side of the coin, the present article highlights the more beneficial trajectories of the terror management process. For example, the awareness of mortality can motivate people to prioritize their physical health; uphold prosocial values; build loving relationships and peaceful, charitable communities; and foster open-mindedness.

The brighter side of learning disabilities

Hales in "Dyslexia and Stress", p 87 It is time that the community realised that this is not a minor problem that can be ignored, but rather something that exists in major proportions and affects a substantial part of the adult and working population.

We need to remember that these individuals are not intellectually deficient, they are not odd and they are by no means inadequate workers. Employers need to adopt the slogan "Stress-free learning disabled workers are very good workers" Hales since many of the strategies that could be interpreted as "work-skills" are often an extension of "life-skills", because the interaction of these skills is just the same as for everyone else.

E Self Esteem Self esteem refers to the sense of self respect, confidence, identity, and purpose found in an individual. It distinguishes the highly productive person form the non-achiever or the "drop-out". As we are all aware, children value themselves to the degree that they have been valued. A positive identity hinges on positive life experiences.

The Special Education Department of the Canton City Schools is committed to the achievement of students with disabilities from preschool through high school graduation. We believe in high expectations for all students. Public meeting set focusing on transportation needs for older adults, individuals with disabilities and the general public Charleston Coin Club to hold annual coin show Recent Posts. Cataract patients rediscover the brighter side of life in Buru Islands Buru, Ophthalmologist examins a patient before determining his needs for operation or other treatment. CC BY .

We can begin by looking in the mirror because we are the psychological mirrors which children use to build their identities and their whole lives are affected by the conclusions they draw.

What do we expect from them and why? However, this does not mean protecting them from difficult situations, accepting inferior quality responses or providing excuses when they get into trouble. It means building the foundations for a high self esteem by creating environments that impart a sense of security, identity, belonging, purpose and personal competence.

We cannot allow LD children to be alienated by ridicule, to have their self confidence destroyed by sarcasm, and to be further demoralised with unsympathetic attitudes. F Stress The sheer amount of effort needed just to keep pace with life- continually running on a treadmill just to stay in one place in a range of skills that others acquire with ease- is a constant source of stress for individuals with learning difficulties.

It is our task as parents, teachers and health professionals to prepare children for the stress and to show them how to cope with it.

It is also important that levels of stress be monitored and controlled.

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Alleviation of stress at an early age through appropriate teaching and more resources allocated for primary school could well pre-empt the much more serious social problems from developing. The result of unresolved learning disabilities include juvenile delinquency, long-term unemployment and the vicious cycle of poverty.

Likewise nothing can get out of long-term memory unless working memory gets it out. The learning task is a dynamic activity and the storage and retrieval of information is of paramount importance.

Some sort of working memory programme must be constructed. Goals must be set, cues need to be picked up, relevant knowledge must be retrieved, movements or speech executed, and progress must be monitored.

This is true of all learning declarative, procedural, conceptual, analogical, or logical and regardless of the different types of learning task. Therefore, the key to teaching students with LD's involves coaching them to develop improved working memory programmes for the learning task at hand Farnham-Diggoryp This is what is meant by the phrase "learning how to learn".

The acquisition of declarative knowledge - learning from verbal discourse lecture or text is a dynamic and complex enterprise. Modelling our own processes is the best way of teaching this kind of knowledge. To remember something, first summarise it to solidify the macrostructure.

LD students have great difficulty producing a coherent summary, indicating this difficulty with building a coherent macrostructure.

No wonder they do not remember what they read or hear. This fact has been repeatedly demonstrated experimentally and teachers and parents experience the frustration of constantly repeating instructions.

Teaching individuals with LD's to summarise effectively using mind maps etc.

The brighter side of learning disabilities

Skills acquisition or procedural knowledge includes three learning phases: In the process of learning a skill, you go in and out of these phases repeatedly. Each of these phases has its own logical requirement, and they are not interchangeable. Task analysis is a means of clarifying and elaborating working memory programmes.

Characteristics of an automatic routine are summarised in Table 2.The Brighter Futures program helps families who are expecting a baby or have children under the age of 9 and are struggling with domestic and family violence, mental health issues, alcohol and other drug use, and intellectual or learning difficulties.

The Touch-A-Life Foundation is a non-profit organization (please view IRS approved exemption document (c)(3)), founded in , to support homeless students.

We are an organization that targets the needs of the students, and satisfies these needs to . Sep 05,  · Recent research in learning disabilities, however, has articulated this even further. Children with reading disabilities respond best to systematic, intensive, and specialized instruction.

The window of opportunity for best results is to begin such programming before . “Older adults in this country are isolated, and young people with learning disabilities can be isolated.” Students work on a variety of projects, from data entry to helping in the facility's.

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Learning Disabilities

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