Underground railroad writing activity 2nd

This week, Education World observes Black History Month by providing activities to help your students trace that journey and to learn about some of the heroes who paved the way to freedom. Activities for teaching about slavery across the grades and the curriculum. On September 22,President Abraham Lincoln issued The Emancipation Proclamationwhich ordered that, as of January 1,"all persons held as slaveshenceforward shall be free.

Underground railroad writing activity 2nd

Interactive Trip on the Underground Railroad 4 out of 5 Social studies lesson plans often need something to spice them up. One thing you can use with an Underground Railroad lesson plan is this National Geographic site. It can also help students learn some Underground Railroad routes.

When you enter the websiteyou begin your voyage on the Underground Railroad.

underground railroad writing activity 2nd

You are told you are a slave in Maryland in the s, and you can choose to escape to freedom or stay where you are. If you choose YES, then you begin your voyage.

Sometimes, you have a choice, such as whether or not you should approach a house with a lantern, and sometimes, you just click to move on your way up north. If you continue to choose correctly, you will make it to safety and freedom in Canada.

underground railroad writing activity 2nd

Besides the fact that this part of the website is interactive, which most of your students will enjoy, it is also informative. Each time your students are taken to a new screen with a new choice, there are facts about the Underground Railroad.

Faces of Freedom and Routes to Freedom 4 out of 5 After you take your journey on the Underground Railroad, there is a pull-down menu that your students can use to find more facts about the Underground Railroad and the Underground Railroad routes, which can enrich your social studies lesson plan.

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Two of the best items on the menu are the "Faces of Freedom" and "Routes to Freedom" pages. Students can look through these pages on the site to discover important people such as Lucretia Mott and Frederick Douglass, who took part on the Underground Railroad, and the map shows students the hard journey that many slaves took to freedom.

One tip would be to have students write down some facts, complete a worksheet or map, or write a journal entry about these parts of the website that are not interactive to make them more interactive. When students can use facts they learn to complete assigned work, they will most likely learn and retain more.

Is It Easy to Use? You might have to point out the pull-down menu at the top of the screen—sometimes, students have trouble finding and using it. Once students see the pull-down menu, then they will be able to easily navigate the website that will help them better understand any unit on slavery and the Underground Railroad routes.

Don't forget to check out the Classroom Ideas section. This page of the National Geographic website provides ideas for teachers for a variety of age groups.Underground Railroad. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Underground Railroad.

Some of the worksheets displayed are Lesson title harriet tubman and the. Underground Railroad Book Activity (MS Word document) Underground Railroad Direction Sheet (MS Word document) Underground Railroad Lesson Plan (MS Word document). Primary Resource: His Promised Land: The Autobiography of John P.

Parker, Former Slave and Conductor on the Underground Railroad Lesson Length: 1 hour Freedom Quilts and the Underground Railroad. Lesson Title: Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad Grade Levels: K-3 Class Time needed: Two class sessions (Varies depending on the age of students) Content Standards: See pages Objectives: 1.

Reveal stories of the Underground Railroad and its role in helping the enslaved. 2. The Underground Railroad was a secret system of people of all races who helped slaves escape to the North - it was not an actual railroad. Harriet Tubman made 19 dangerous rescue trips over 10 years, rescuing over slaves from Southern states.

Follow a runaway slave to freedom along the Underground Railroad in The RR is a secret network of hiding places and brave people. For kids in grades Includes teacher’s guides, curriculum connections, and classroom activities.

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