Writing a profile of a famous person from california

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Writing a profile of a famous person from california

Home Academic tutorial on how to write a profile essay Writing a profile essay is pretty much like writing any essay in that it requires the basic ingredients. It must have solid research, a sound structure, easy to follow writing and be expertly proofread and correctly marked.

And as different essays have different qualities or characteristics so too does a profile essay. It can be pretty much about anything. It can be about an event, a place or venue or a person. You can write a profile essay about a person who is completely unknown. If it is about a person, then writing such a profile essay is a wonderful opportunity for the student to learn the skill of interviewing.

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There are two main skills you can use Observation and interviewing are the basic skills you apply when researching a profile essay.

You will be surprised how many people lack basic observation skills. It is a skill you need to work at. You can teach yourself to become more observant.

In writing a profile essay about a person, your ability to observe this person and what they have achieved will go a long way to giving you ideas and information for your essay.

8 Steps for Writing a Compelling Profile Story

Then there is the skill or some would say the art of interviewing. Your task is to elicit answers which are relevant to your profile essay. Preparation is the key. You need to spend considerable time before conducting the interview gathering up a list of questions.

You need to be prepared to add additional questions should the person you are interviewing introduce a topic you had not thought about. Forget general comments One of the key ingredients of a profile essay is that your writing will list specific information.

The more specific the better. If you use general descriptions, broad sweeping comments, these are less likely to make your essay entertaining and interesting and thus earn a lower score or mark. One other interesting aspect about profile essays is that they have a strange combination of being both objective and subjective.

You are objective in that you provide facts and provable data but you are subjective in that you give an opinion of this information. Your tutor will be able to explain these actions in more detail.

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writing a profile of a famous person from california

Jessica Larson, The type of writing for a profile essay is less rigidly structured, and an author can take several different approaches. But this work can be fulfilling, and, for many, a welcome chance to flex their writing muscles. So, how do you write.

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How To Write A Profile Story not a profile. Remember, you must be able to interview the person you are writing about.

In addition, you will need at least two other sources. How to Write a Profile Story. A profile story is a portrait of a person in words. Like the best painted portraits, the best profiles capture the character, spirit and.

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